The Contestants begin their first time in the Neighborhood(minus two), where two lucky captains get to pick their teams. One very grateful homeschool decides to try his best and during the challenge comes up with Team Excelsior, while the other team is Team Mahatma as said by Alejandro. At the end Excelsior proves at the best name and wins them the challenge and one silent, cute girl is sent home.

Episode OneEdit

In this challenge, everyone met up with each other in the Neighborhood. It is shown that Ezekiel isn't a cook anymore. Everyone is brand new, except Ezekiel and Lily, and all talk about how they hope that this season will be good, except a bitter Duncan. Duncan's rivalry with Harold and Alejandro still stands. Noah and Samuel are chosen as captains for being the first and last ones to talk. Samuel picks one happy Ezekiel first, who is grateful and decides to do well this season. The challenge is to come up with a team name and after only one suggestion of Team Excelsior by Zeke, but after Chris states if they want to change their team color, Zeke and Harold get in an arguement about the color. At the end, Gramps decides that they should stick with Lime.

Meanwhile, Noah's Team decided with Team Mahatma as chosen by Alejandro and chose the color blue. Chris then judged and decided Excelsior and their color was better, as he thought Mahatma didn't match with blue. At elimination ceremony, the bottom two were Carrie and Duncan. In the end, Duncan was safe and Carrie was first out of the Neighborhood. During this episode, a secret alliance was formed and everyone was introduced

Who Played WhoEdit

Chris TrentFan
Frank XrosHearts
Alejandro Youre2490
Harold TrentFan
Josh NZ Man123
Sally Henzzy
Duncan SinsMakePeople
Samuel TrentFan
Noah NZ Man123
Ezekiel Roy49
Gramps Youre2490
Katelyn SinsMakePeople
Lily Zoomer72
Trent Zoomer72
Sierra XrosHearts
Geoff Henzzy
Nathan XrosHearts
  • Carrie appeared but didn't speak.


  • Ezekiel returns, played by a new user
  • Lily returns played by her same user
  • Chris explains why the old cast didn't appear
  • The only vets(original series) that appeared were none from Revenge of the Island.
  • Carrie didn't speak this episode, even though it was her only episode.