When the merge is confirmed to be soon, the host decides for one more vote before the merge. Meanwhile, the contestants hate on one in particular that hasn't done anything to be in the merge. During the votes, one contestant who hasn't done anything to be in the merge racks up all the votes and is sent home.

Episode 6Edit

This episode begins with Josh, Noah, Harold, and Samuel being happy about being in the final 10. They each go to the confessional and place their thoughts about it. Chris then makes a reference to the merge's name, in which Josh replies that he referenced PurpleRodri. Then Josh asks if Duncan deserves to be here in which Noah replies no. Harold is then nervous that he will go home, while Josh realizes there are more vets than newbs. Ezekiel, probably the happiest, squeals with happiness in the confessional.

During the vote, Josh says that Duncan was in an alliance with him and that he's dead to him, in which then everyone else votes Duncan. With more than majority, Duncan is sent home.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Noah NZ Man123
Josh NZ Man123
Ezekiel Roy49
  • Alejandro, Gramps, Geoff, Sally, and Duncan appear, but don't have lines.