Vashyron, a debuter on Total Drama Neighborhood Anew, is a contestant on the season. He is a Resonance of Fate character and is played by TrentFan.


Vashyron can be considered a "carefree playboy" but can sometimes (though he hasn't shown it yet) be dark. He cares deeply for Zephyr and Leanne and his guns. He can be a little off-topic but commands his group decently at least. He's also be a bit cocky. He's passionate for cooking and is a fan of Chef Cheesy. (a character previously introduced in another season of Total Drama Neighborhood who has been officially retired)


Zephyr: He seems to be on good terms with Zephyr and ignores Leanne and Zephyr's mentionings of Vashyron shooting Zephyr in the head twice, wanting to forget shooting a friend. He is one of the few people Vashyron has actually talked to and one of the few people Zephyr doesn't dislike.

Leanne: Vashyron also seems to be on good terms with Leanne and they usually agree on things. He knows Leanne did most of the damage to Zephyr when they were spanking him and claims to do the right thing for her not to spank her in the Loyalty Challenge, though he actually did it to not let her or Zephyr down.


-Vashyron is the highest-ranking member of the ROF trio due to Zephyr and Leanne quitting making him at least automatically one placement higher than them.

-It is implied while matchmaking Zephyr and Leanne that him and Ren share a room and Ren usually gets the better bed.

-Clone Vashyrons usually are the last clones standing of the cloned teams they are on.