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    We Can Make A Great Wikia

    June 16, 2012 by Roy49

    I know that this wikia is pretty minor and it focuses on just a minor series of camps on a wikia. In spite of this, I do believe we can make this wikia a great place for people to visit. For all the people interested in learning about the stories behind the Total Drama Neighborhoods without actually needing to read the camp papers. We can make this a great wikia and we could do this by:

    • Editing the poor sentences (finding the poor sentences by proof-reading)
    • Providing links for the linkless pages
    • Put categories in the pages that don't have it
    • Make nice relations to the new users

    Overall, I do believe that this wikia could be more than just stuff about an obscure camp on an obscure wikia. It could be something that people would return to... to h…

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