Unknown has slime covering her otherwise naked body.

Unknown is the evil/alternate form of former TDN contestant Jun Kazama. In Jun's elimination of TDM, Unknown possesed her. Sometime after leo's TDM elimination, Unknown attacked her and presumably killed her, only to be discovered alive shortly after. Unknown returned after a bit of an absence as a plot device in the post-merge episodes of TDBttN, then finally debuted in ep 2 of TDTN. Angel notices that it is Jun and promises to save Jun from her tormented soul.


  • Unknown is the first and currently only charcter in the series that received a name change. In TDM, her name was the same as her surrogate body, Jun. the name was eventually changed to Unknown in order to prevent confusion that they might be one and the same.
  • Despite opinion, Unknown and Jun are not exactly the same person. Unknown is simply an evil spirit that took control of Jun's body.
  • Due to her having only appeared as Jun's body, it is unconfirmed what her true appearnce is, if any at all.