A failing jock and a matchmaker make it to the finale after the elimination of an alliancemate. However out of being worried the jock quits, making the matchmaker from a horrific family win. However, Chris reveals this season isn't over yet, for a poor jock.

Finale - TDN2Edit

After David's elimination in Oatmeal's tiebreaker it comes down to a finale between Tyler, who wanted to get eliminated, and Oatmeal, who wants to win to get his brother some mental help. Tyler quits, and Oatmeal wins 100 buckets of cheese, much to his delight. Then, Chris calls out who is in next season: Rex, Tyler, Cody, David, Lily, Jake, Nate, Shawn, Amy, Isabella, Quinn, Oreo, Sandera, and to everyone's surprise a reporter from the series.

The reporter begins to object, shyly, but Oatmeal playfully says that she will join in the fun. The non-returnees are then drived away by Zeke and it is revealed that Tyler snuck on, not wanting to compete. The episode fades away when Rex states that he will help sneak Oatmeal in next season.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Ezekiel Teamnoah123
Tyler TrentFan
Oatmeal Oatmeal-
David XrosHearts
Rex Wolfdragon Rex
Shawn Oatmeal-
Lily Zoomer72
Nate Natedog
Cody TrentFan
Reporter TrentFan