An RP centering around two new characters Lucas and Amy, as well as another plot with returnee, OJ. A few returnees also return in the RP. The Neighborhood will be like a camp, which protects the characters from monsters.

Confirmed Main CharactersEdit

Character Played By? Status
Chris TrentFan Alive
Helena DaRealLeon Alive
Lucas TrentFan Alive
Lee Chaolan TrentFan Dead
OJ TrentFan Injured
Wally TrentFan Alive
Flare TrentFan Alive
Duke TrentFan Alive
Brad TrentFan Alive
Xiba TrentFan Alive
Niles TrentFan Alive
Princess TrentFan Missing
Amy DaRealLeon Alive
Leo DaRealLeon Alive
Hwoarang DaRealLeon Alive
Lili DaRealLeon Alive
Eliot DaRealLeon Alive
Alisa DaRealLeon Unknown

Confirmed Minor CharactersEdit

Character Played By? Status
Captain Planet TrentFan Alive
Ness TrentFan Missing
Mike TrentFan Dead
Combot TrentFan Dead
Maxi TrentFan Dead
Sebastian DaRealLeon Missing
DaRealLeon DaRealLeon Dead
Raphael DaRealLeon Dead

Confirmed VillainsEdit

Character Status
Wang Alive
Devil Kazuya Alive
Evil OJ Clone I & II Unknown
Giant Man-Eating Letter Dead
Jinpachi/Algol Dead
Nightmare Minions Dead
Astaroth Dead
Snorky Sinch Alive
Dr. Colress Alive
Ritz Alive
The Masked Crusader Alive
Seth Alive
Juri Alive
Barney Alive
Random Malfested Guy Alive
Kuma Alive
Evilex Alive