Total Drama Neighborhood 5 is the fifth on the Neighborhood camps as the name inplies. The theme is Heroes versus Villains.

Mountains of Cheesy GoodnessEdit

The contestants arrive and meet each other, alliances form, friendships form, Leo is threatened to be killed by Josh. The challenge is to climb a mountain, where despite his/her team being inactive, Leo wins it for them.

For the Team!Edit

The remaining contestants have two from each team compete in stating why they should win. Leo for the villains with supporter Beth, while heroes have Josh with supporter Duke. Josh and Leo both have good reasons but in the end Leo's wins, which also caused Leo to swap teams with who he chooses of the team, which is Pat. The heroes go to elimination where Sally and The Doctor are the bottom two, but in the end, Sally goes home.

Elimination OrderEdit

20th- Geoff (Played by Henzzy)

19th- Sally (Played by Henzzy)

18th- Lindsay (Played by Eros123)

17th/16th- David (Played by XrosHearts)

16th/17th- Pat (Played by Roy49)

15th- Noah (Played by NZ Man123)

14th- Cassidy (Played by TaygenTeagan)

13th- Eva (Played by Youre2490)

11th/12th- The Doctor (Played by Scienceboy0) *Later returned

12th/11th- Wysal (Played by Youre2490)

10th- Beth (Played by Eros123)

9th- Nathan (Played by XrosHearts)

8th- Leo (Played by Bakura13)

7th/6th- Ezekiel (Played by Roy49)

7th/6th- The Doctor (Played by Scienceboy0)

5th- Josh (played by NZ Man123)

4th- Cody (Played by TrentFan)

3rd- Izzy (Played by Zannabanna)

2nd- Mr. Coconut (Played by Zannabanna)

Winner- Duke (Played by TrentFan)

Elimination Kind-Of TableEdit

Geoff Heroes 1st Voted Out 20th Place
Sally Heroes 2nd Voted Out 19th Place
Lindsay Villains 3rd Voted Out 18th Place
David Heroes 4th/5th Voted Out 16th/17th Place
Pat Villains 5th/4th Voted Out 17th/16th Place
Noah Villains 6th Voted Out 15th Place
Cassidy Heroes 7th Voted Out 14th Place
Eva Villains 8th Voted Out 13th Place
The Doctor(1) Heroes 9th/10th Voted Out 11th/12th Place
Wysal Villains 9th/10th Voted Out 12th/11th Place
Beth Villains 11th Voted Out 10th Place
Nathan Villains 12th Voted Out 9th Place
Leo Heroes 13th Voted Out 8th Place
Ezekiel Villains 14th/15th Voted Out 7th/6th Place
The Doctor(2) Heroes 15th/14th Voted Out 6th/7th Place
Josh Heroes 16th Voted Out 5th Place
Cody Heroes 17th Voted Out 4th Place
Izzy Villains 18th Voted Out 3rd Place
Mr. Coconut Heroes 19th Eliminated Runner-Up
Duke Heroes Won TDN5 Winner