The fourth entree of the Total Drama Neighborhood series with a lot of brand new newcomers and two returnees, Ezekiel and Lily. Ezekiel comes back as a contestant played by a new user, while Lily regains with her same user. It is currently at the Final 9, how will win in this Neighborhood?

What's Your Team Name?Edit

In this challenge, Chris told the teams created by Samuel and Noah to give team names. The team names were chosen, Excelsior and Mahatma, created by Alejandro and Zeke. The team color chosen was Lime(E) and Blue(M), in the end, Zeke's name won the team the challenge and Carrie went home for doing nothing.

Escape from the CityEdit

In this challenge a Gorilla escapes from the city and they go capture it, this is where Josh first proves he is a natural survivor and Samuel is a good leader. The gorilla catches Alejandro and Noah, which Josh saves(or well Noah). In the end only Harold, the one nearest, tried to stop Josh by tying Josh up in Num-yos, but Josh still managed to go on and win for his team. In the end it came down to Ezekiel and Katelyn, in where for the first time ever, Ezekiel stayed.

Minigame ManiaEdit

In this challenge, Chris and Frank make a minigame challenge where Ezekiel, Harold, Sally, and Josh prove they are the Party Masters and win individual immunity. It turns out to be a double elimination in where Sierra and Trent go home for their own teams.

There's No I in Total DramaEdit

A simple say "I" challenge in which Noah and Nathan, the first conestants to say "I", won it for their team. This challenge left a poor Ezekiel completely confused. In the end, Lily, the Season 1 winner, was sent out after she bravely quit.

Camping CampersEdit

In this challenge, Alejandro and Gramps were sent to a funeral, in place of Chris, leaving the Excelsior with only Zeke, Samuel, and Harold. Against the Mahatma's, though most just ate energy bars. As they camped Zeke killed a bear, Samuel proved more of how to play as a team, and Josh is full of tricks. However at the end, Samuel, Josh, and Zeke finish at the same time and for participation Mahatma's were sent to elimination were a team swapper named Nathan was sent home.

Voting Votes for a Vote!Edit

In this challenge Chris decides to make the contestants just vote. In the end, the one who did nothing to become a Purple Bandito, AKA, Duncan was sent home right before the merge, leaving a final ten.

Speech ScreechEdit

The campers wrote a speech about everyone who was in the camp. In the end Ezekiel, got first, proving that you shouldn't judge a homeschool by its looks, and proved himself. Sally, having the worst speech was in the bottom two of Zeke's choosing of who's eliminated, but at the end Gramps was sent home for being old and not supporting the alliance when invited back when it wasn't the merge.

Clowning Around with BearsEdit

Chris goes to see the Hunger Games, so Frank takes over, however the challenge is much more dangerous. Izzy and Ezekiel form a bit of a bond as they work, where Izzy asks to join the alliance. Izzy wins the challenge with Ezekiel one accessory behind and it's revealed a reward challenge in where Izzy takes Zeke and Sally, completing one of Zeke's dreams.

Talents for Hire!Edit

Chris puts the teams back into teams for the challenge. Harold and Noah from each team volunteer to show their talents to win. Harold's mad skills impress guest star, PurpleRodri, but Noah's laser dodging leaves more of a mark in PR's book sending Team 2 to elimination. In the end Ezekiel goes home for not consulting his alliance about including Izzy but accepting her anyway.

Bubble Buddy, Voting Buddy, Elimination BuddyEdit

Chris tries to be nice and put everyone in good lunch but with Josh declining he sends the losers of the last challenge down, where Samuel finds out that Josh is right and the food isn't so bad once you get used to it. Chris decides to have a vote off where Izzy is voted off.

Chris a la ModeEdit

The contestants make sandwiches for the host, where Josh, Noah, Harold, and Samuel win immunity and Alejandro is voted out. However thanks to a trick, the next vote had everyone lose immunity where Josh and Noah backstab Harold and vote him out.

Isla de KarmaEdit

The losing contestants got to vote out who went home. It is revealed they live a luxury life, as Harold, Zeke, and Izzy showed. However for revenge and karma, Josh is voted out, but he makes memorable last words.

Super NASCAR RacingEdit

The remaining final four compete in their final challenge, where Samuel is really nervous. Whoever finishes last is eliminated and Samuel finishes first, followed by Noah. Geoff and Sally need a vote to decide, where Geoff is sent home.

Finale for the FittestEdit

Samuel, Noah, and Sally make it to the final three, where it's a vote in the finale. Noah, surprisingly scores some votes, while Samuel does too. Chris then eliminates Sally for not getting a vote, and decides to let Samuel and Noah keep on getting votes, but Samuel quits, giving Noah the suitcase of cheese.

Elimination OrderEdit

The order of contestants that were eliminated consisted of:

17th- Carrie (Played by a Wikia Contributor)

16th- Katelyn (Played by SinsMakePeople)

15th/14th- Sierra (Played by XrosHearts)

14th/15th- Trent (Played by Zoomer)

13th- Lily (Played by Zoomer)

12th- Nathan (Played by XrosHearts)

11th- Duncan (Played by SinsMakePeople)

10th- Gramps (Played by Youre2490)

9th- Ezekiel (Played by Roy49)

8th- Izzy (Played by Zannabanna)

7th- Alejandro (Played by Youre2490)

6th- Harold (Played by TrentFan)

5th- Josh (Played by NZ Man123)

4th- Geoff(Played by Henzzy)

3rd- Sally (Played by Henzzy)

Runner-Up- Samuel (Played by TrentFan)

Winner- Noah (Played by NZ Man123)

Elimination Kind-Of TableEdit

Carrie Mahatma 1st Voted Out 17th Place FIRST OUT
Katelyn Excelsior 2nd Voted Out 16th Place NON-MERGED
Trent Mahatma 3rd/4th Voted Out 15th/14th Place
Sierra Excelsior 4th/3rd Voted Out 14th/15th Place
Lily Excelsior 5th Voted Out 13th Place
Nathan Mahatma 6th Voted Out 12th Place
Duncan Mahatma 7th Voted Out 11th Place
Gramps Excelsior 8th Voted Out 10th Place


Ezekiel Excelsior 9th Voted Out 9th Place
Izzy Debuter 10th Voted Out 8th Place
Alejandro Excelsior 11th Voted Out 7th Place
Harold Excelsior 12th Voted Out 6th Place
Josh Mahatma 13th Voted Out 5th Place
Geoff Mahatma 14th Voted Out 4th Place
Sally Mahatma 15th Eliminated 3rd Place
Samuel Excelsior 16th Quit RUNNER-UP
Noah Mahatma Last Standing WINNER