After a rather long challenge, Chris decides to compensate by making a shorter challenge. The result is a very quick victory for one team and the elimination of a veteran player from the other team.

Episode 4Edit

The challenge for the episode was that Chris got the first contestants to say "I" a victory for their team. Due to both Nathan and Noah being the first contestants to say "I", Team Mahatma ended up winning the challenge and Team Exclesior were forced to eliminated a contestant from their team. The contestants start voting off Lily for lack of parcipation, when she decides to quit the competition. She is removed from the competition but not without Chris giving thanks to her for competiting.

Who Played WhoEdit

Chris TrentFan
Nathan XrosHearts
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Ezekiel Roy49
Samuel TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Lily Zoomer72
  • Alejandro, Geoff, Sally, Gramps, and Duncan appeared but didn't speak.


  • This is the shortest challenge that was ever done so far in Total Drama Neighborhood 4
  • The reason Lily quit in real life was because her user, Zoomer72, was because she didn't do much in the camp and believed other users deserved to be in the competition.
  • Frank is absent in this episode, despite, being the co-host.