The remaining competitors compete for a new debuter. The Loyal, Normal One leaves his friends for a bit reading a note, while the Female Pain-Giver loses her trust from her team. The challenge is a song, where one team wins easily, finishing faster singing about a coconut, than a Tomboy, The Loyal, and The Geek. In the end, the Tomboy is sent home, for confusing the team with her song.

Episode 6Edit

The day starts with Ezekiel losing trust in Eva, wondering why she would give away the team's possible win, while Duke leaves reading a note from the past. Nathan starts a temporary alliance to get rid of Eva. Izzy convinces Chris to let Mr. Coconut debut. The challenge is to write and sing a song, but the villains have more members have more of a clue than the heroes.

Cassidy confuses her team, or well, Cody and Duke with the lyrics and lose to Eva's best line in the song and the heroes go to elimination, where the Coconut(the debuter) joins. In the end the bottom three are The Doctor, Cassidy, and Leo each receiving at least one vote, however The Doctor and Leo is safe, leaving Cassidy the loser.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Cassidy TaygenTeagan
Izzy Zannabanna
Mr. C Zannabanna
Eva Youre2490
Wysal Youre2490
Ezekiel Roy49
Nathan XrosHearts
Leo Bakura13
  • Beth, Josh, and The Doctor appear but have no lines
  • Bev and Martin are absent