Taybina Gunner *TG* Is a Newcomer on Total Drama: Back too the Neighborhood she is played by Omgdeadpeople.

Taybina gunner *TG*
Gender: Female

Hair: black

Eyes: Blue






Old men,Poison snakes, Sharks , Canes

Episode Eliminated

The Boatride of the lifetime


TD:BTTN: 21st


Mom,Dad, Two sisters and a Brother


Hunting, Using her Bow and Arrow,Scaring People, Cooking,Archery


TG ( By Everyone Duh)

Played By


All about TGEdit

Taybina Gunner Zaryn Lyons is Labled as The Hunteress. When Growing up in the woods TG Became a Cold Blooded Hunter but she was Sometimes nice too people, People Think as TG as an Evil Katniss because when TG was about Potty trained she used an Bow and arrow,She even shot an arrow at her sister's Arm making it bleed alot. So Taybina-Gunner Joined Total Drama: Back to the Neighborhood Because she wants too Show people How Strong she is and Show her skills.

Other InfoEdit

  • Female
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  • Nationality: Filipino/South African
  • Occupation: Hunter
  • Age: 7
  • Likes: Blood,Knifes,Bombs,Bow and arrows
  • Dislikes: Tree Huggers,Park rangers,Police,
  • Full Name: Taybina-Gunner Zaryn Lyons

Platform StandingEdit

TG did nothing much on this Episode but she did the challenge she thorw a rock at Alexis But it was Too Late her team lost the challenge but they got Second place Soo TG and her Team was Safe .So at the end of the Challenge She played around with her bow and arrow.

Pizza PizzaEdit

TG she helped this episode with her team, with the dough and the toppings Soo after that her team won the challenge.

Talents and MalletsEdit

TG did nothing because her Awesome Creater was Sleeping but her team lost but she was Safe anyways because she got no votes.


  1. TG has the Longest name which is 13 Letters.
  2. The Creater uses TG because Taybina-Gunner is too Long.
  3. TG has a Vein Showing a her head because an unknown Fight with an Unknown Old man and she got head in the head with the Cane Soo in her picture it looks like she popped a vein on her Forehead.
  4. TG is the Youngest Contestent being only Seven Years old.