After one Disneyland-mazing chat, the three winners returned drived on by a Youtube Pokemon Celebrity. A homeschool invites a debuter into his alliance without consulting his alliance. The challenge is a talent show and the campers are put back into teams, but a high IQ's laser talents beat a nerd's ninja talents and for letting the debuter join without permission, the homeschool is sent home.

Episode 9Edit

Ezekiel is having a grand time in Disneyland with Sally and Izzy. Ezekiel is so happy that he decides to let Izzy in the alliance without consulting his alliancemates. He lost the trust of Harold and Josh. Then the remaining contestants are split into teams of four, with Geoff sitting out, for a talent show in which Harold and Noah compete. Noah's laser dodging and human calculating talent, versus Harold's ninja num-yos and beatboxing, in the end, PurpleRodri (guest star) was impressed by Noah's laser dodging sending Team 2 to elimination.

Josh and Harold voted off Zeke for not consulting the alliance and managed to convince Samuel to vote off him also. Ezekiel is voted off the island.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
PurpleRodri TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Ezekiel Roy49
Noah NZ Man123
Josh NZ Man123
Izzy Zannabanna
Geoff Henzzy
  • Sally, Alejandro, and Frank appeared but didn't have any lines.