The Final Four are all sadden by a previous contestant's departure. One is worried about himself, with loss of confidence. The challenge is to race in a NASCAR car, where the not-so-confident leader races away and finishes first, followed by the most saddened by the previous departure. In the end, the party dude and athletic girl don't finish and the other two get to vote one out, where the party dude goes home.

Episode 13Edit

This episode starts off with everyone being sadden by Josh's departure, especially Noah. Samuel is a bit nervous about it, since if any of the other's win he'd be eliminated, but he doesn't want to let the Excelsiors down, being the last Excelsior. The challenge starts where it is revealed the last to finish is eliminated, making Samuel, still a bit nervous.

Samuel starts driving first, followed by Geoff, then Sally, then Noah. Samuel then drives the fastest he can, followed by Noah, while Geoff and Sally are neck and neck and crash into each other. Samuel finishes first, followed by Noah and Chris gives an option of either waiting for Geoff and Sally to finish or voting one off, which Noah and Samuel pick a vote off. In the end Geoff is sent home and the final 3 are left for the finale, next episode!

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Noah NZ Man123
Geoff Henzzy
Sally Henzzy
Harold TrentFan
Ezekiel Roy49
Josh NZ Man123
  • Frank appears but doesn't speak.


  • As of this episode, Noah is the last veteran player in the competition.
  • Samuel, Noah, and Sally are the final 3.
  • Frank appears but doesn't speak despite being a co-host
  • This idea was thought up by Mistah NZ.
  • There were originally Double Decker Busses, but Chris sold them so he could by three Ice Cream Shops.
  • The order of finishing went Samuel, Noah, Sally, and Geoff. Geoff was last so he was eliminated.
  • This was the last episode with a Voting Ceremony.
  • This was the last episode with a challenge.