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Steven "Steve" Fox is a contestant on Total Drama Motel. He is played by NZ Man123. He is on Team Chef is Relly Really Genorous. He placed 8th

Total Drama MotelEdit

Steve is part of Team Chef is Reallyt Really Genorous

Ahoy! Race For The Treaseure!Edit

In this episode Steve constantly asked people if they would like to spar. They all denied In the challenge after Mike found the treasure he threw it to Stve who caught it and gave it to Chris. He voted off Xiayou.

Winners May Have Comne and GoneEdit

In this episode Steve started off asking if anyone wanted to spar. He was dissapointed whne they said no. In the challenge Steve was the third to make it to the checkpoint and answered his question correct. When hunted Steve was captured when the Capturers were sitting in his motel room. In the end his team won and Steve was safe again.

The Mini Hunger GamesEdit

In this episode Steve was annoyed about The Capturers being in his motel room. After a long exchange Chris stole all of Steve's places to sleep in exchange for other objects of luxary. In the challenge Steve was eliminated when Chris thought Team Chef was to far ahead. He then voted Laura to the Screaming Liars.

Other InfoEdit

  • Male
  • Nationalitt: English
  • Occupation: Boxing Prodigy
  • Likes: Boxing. Friends
  • Dislikes: His mother
  • Full name: Steven "Steve" Fox
  • Mastered: Boxingh