The remaining contestants make the Final 9 and the merge. They get a feast and are called the Purple Banditos(credit to NZ Man and PurpleRodri). While three eat like it's a feast, a leader decides to eat small. The challenge is revealed to be a speech about everyone in that season, in which a sarcastic IQ, a leader, and a homeschool excel at. The homeschool gets to choose who goes home, and the oldest of the cast goes home.

Episode 7Edit

In a surprise feast by Chris, Chris reveals the merge which is named the Purple Banditos. Everyone is excited for it. Ezekiel, is so overjoyed that he eats a lot, like Josh. Harold eats chinese food while Samuel doesn't eat much. Ezekiel then gets suspicious if the challenge is of physical activity, but Chris reveals it's a speech which Ezekiel claims he's good at. Later at the speech, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Harold have long ones. Ezekiel proves to be a good person at having a speech and lets out a little emotion at the end when he drops a tear drop. Samuel also drops a tear drop when he says his two alliance mates names.

Harold keeps it in rhythm and disses Duncan. Josh then makes a memorable quote, in his speech while Noah expresses how proud he is. Geoff makes a good speech, while Sally's classes the lowest of them all. Ezekiel, Samuel, and Noah win individual immunity, and since Zeke came in first he gets to pick who goes first, when it comes down to Sally and Gramps. In the end he chooses Gramps to go so this show won't damage his health and Gramps is eliminated.

Who Played WhoEdit

Chris TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Ezekiel Roy49
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Geoff Henzzy
Sally Henzzy
  • Alejandro, Gramps, and Frank appear but have no lines.


  • This is the first episode of TDN4 where only one person gets to choose who is eliminated.
  • Gramps is the first person to have only one person be responsible for his elimination.
  • Ezekiel is the first person who got to pick who was eliminated.
  • Sally was LOW twice in a row.
  • This was the first merged challenge.