Simulating/Predicting the Rest of the Season via Brant:

Episode Three:

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Romeo wins,

Gavin and Laker narrowly escape elimination,

Edgar wins a reward

Micoo - Team America (Fan Favorite)

Mary is eliminated.

Episode Four:

Gary and Gavin narrowly escape elimination,

Kanbei wins the challenge and reward,

Gavin & Romeo - Team America (Fan Favorite)

Hattie is eliminated versus Laker.

Episode Five:

Team America have two twists to choose from. They choose to spread a rumor to three other contestants, that someone in the game is related to a past contestant.

Dawna is eliminated versus Laker.

Annaelsa wins.

Episode Six:

Team America will try to get someone who they believe is a floater eliminated or in the bottom two.

Romeo wins.

Hanbei and Gavin narrowly escape elimination.

Dee is eliminated versus Laker.

Episode Seven:

Team America will try to get two contestants to argue at the veto meeting or nomination ceremony.

Micoo wins.

Kanbei is eliminated versus Gavin.

Episode Eight:

Gavin and Micoo bond slightly.

Team America choose to vote against everyone.

Gary wins.

Laker is eliminated versus Tamamo.

Episode Nine:

Romeo wins.

Tamamo is eliminated versus Annaelsa.

Episode Ten:

Team America try to convince someone they're safe, but actually eliminate them.

Gary wins.

Romeo is eliminated.

Episode Eleven:

Team Nice Dynamite (remains of America) attempt to weaken another player's game by keeping them awake for a whole day.

Annaelsa wins.

Micoo convinces everyone to vote Hanbei over Gavin.

Hanbei is eliminated.

Episode Twelve:

Laker returns.

Micoo wins.

Team Nice Dynamite refuse a potentially harmful reward.

Jack is eliminated.

Episode Thirteen:

Gavin wins.

Team Nice Dynamite convince everyone to eliminate Gary over Edgar.

Gary is eliminated.

Episode Fourteen:

Annaelsa wins.

Gavin wins the reward and saves Laker's life.

Team Nice Dynamite (led by Micoo) convince everyone to vote Edgar.

Edgar is eliminated.

Episode Fifteen:

Team Nice Dynamite try to wear down the competition by convincing everyone to fast for a whole day while Team Nice Dynamite secretly eats.

Laker presses a button.

Micoo wins.

No one is eliminated because Laker pressed the button.

Episode Sixteen:

Micoo wins.

Annaelsa is eliminated.

Episode Seventeen:

Team Nice Dynamite bond a little.

The pressure of the game gets to Micoo.

If a member of Team Dynamite wins they get a bonus $50,000 for all the tasks completed.

Gavin wins.

Laker is eliminated.

Episode Eighteen:

Gavin wins the final regular competition.

Gavin eliminates Camilla Valerius.

Episode Nineteen:

Micoo wins the finale, by one vote.

Romeo is voted America's Favorite Contestant.

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Micoo Gavin Camilla Laker
Winner Runner Up 3rd Place 4th Place
5 votes 4 votes 1-0 vote 1-0 vote
Annaelsa Edgar Gary Jack Merridew
5th Place 6th Place 7th Place 8th Place
2-0 vote 2-1 vote 3-1 vote 3-2 vote
Hanbei Romeo Tamamo Kanbei
9th Place 10th Place 11th Place 12th Place
5-0 vote 4-2 vote 6-1 vote 8-1 vote
Dee Dawna Hattie Mary
13th Place 14th Place 15th Place 16th Place
7-3 vote 6-5 vote 7-5 vote 8-5 vote