Poison is a debuter alongside Cheesy in TDBttN as a replacement of Lili(Who quit in ep15) And Leo's crazy side.She always carries a steel baton at her side. She was never in a team due to her debuting shortly before the merge.


Poison posing with her steel baton.

in ep 15 Poison is introduced to the series after Lili and Don quit, and is horrified when she notices the awful condition it is in thanks to Lili's explosion. She laughs at Crystal when she needs a new wig after her hair was burned off as a result of the explosion. In the challenge she is played by TrentFan(Due to Bakura13 leaving shortly before the challenge) And wins for her team

In ep 16 Poison is upset that the teams are merging after all that they have been through(Despite the fact that Poison has only been in one episode) She doesnt participate in the challenge cause Bakura13 wasnt available at the time.

In ep 19 Poison doesnt participtae at all, but votes Taylor in the elimination ceremony.


  • Bridget, Alisa, and Leo were all possible debuters in TDBttn, but Bakura13 decided to let Poison in
  • She is the first of Bakura13's characters that is not a Tekken OC (Poison was originally from Final Fight, but laster evolved to the Street Fighter series of games)
  • She is one few characters with an unnatural hair color(Out of all characters that have known hair colors)
  • She is one of few characters in the series to never be in a team(As of now)
  • She is one of 4 debuters in TDBttN(The other 3 are Channel,Cheesy,and Zoey)