Platform Standing


Stand your ground on a platform and knock others off.


Chilling Penguins




The newly founded teams, begin to bond with each other. A new friendship is made between a dark guy and cool guy. One nerd sneaks a drink and is drunk, freaking out the Stuttering Speech Disorder. The Space Traveling "Doctor" falls in love after a make-out session. Meanwhile another team, is full of craziness and an alliance starts off, however one later decides to turn on another. In the end the first team wins and the Crazy Team is sent to elimination where the bad one is sent home, unexpectedly, well until someone else takes her place.

Episode 1Edit

The episode starts off with Miles talking about how cool the team is, where Charlie and Don agree. Meanwhile, Alexis hands a drink to Charlie and Don(who refuses to drink it) and goes drunk, creeping out Don. Meanwhile, Miles finds out about Charlie's bad life, and decides to help him, thus beginning a friendship. Lynna makes out with the Doctor who then starts to have a crush on her. Meanwhile the Tigers are being crazy and wild, however Dante, Bob, Alex, Lili, and Hwo start an alliance.

The Dolphins are silent and confused, while Piper wishes she chose a more talkative team. The challenge is to stay on your platform and knock the other teams off. Crystal, Iris, Lynna, Tyker, Tati, and Jennifer sit out of the challenge. The Penguins gun for the Tigers, while the Tigers go for anyone, as mostly Piper from the Dolphins does anything for her team. Don, Alexis, and Miles manage to knock all the tigers and some dolphins when it's lastly Dolphins vs Penguins, leaving Tigers to go to elimination.

Nina, Don, Alexis, and Miles, then go for the rest of the Dolphins, when TG decides to strike back, hitting Alexis once, but it's still too late to save herself knocking her off. It continues until it's only Rick against ALL of the Penguins, which is an easy win. In the end, the Penguins win, with Dolphins second, and tigers last.

The Tigers go to elimination when Dante's alliance begins to turn against him and he receives three votes. Jennifer votes Bob, and Dante, Bob, and Alex vote Aaron. It's all down to Iris until she votes Aaron sending Aaron home, or for like two minutes until Nina sacrifices herself after a bribe of cupcaks, leaving the game.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Miles TrentFan
Don TrentFan
Alexis Simmers2393
Crystal Simmers2393
Nina Tdfan Courtney Heather
The Doctor Scienceboy0
Jo Scienceboy0
Lynna BlaineleyRox222
Iris BlaineleyRox222
Lili Bakura13
Hwoarang Bakura13
Charlie NZ Man123
Dante NZ Man123
Piper TaygenTeagan
Aaron TaygenTeagan
TG Omgdeadpeople
Tyker Vick0971
Tati Vick0971
Bob Eros123
Alex Eros123
  • Nathan, Jim, and Rick appear but don't speak