Pizza Pizza


Make a giant pizza for judging


Tigers, Dolphins







A debuter joins the game, awkwardly. A conflict starts between a prodigy and a weak smart guy, in where the smart one finally asserts himself. The challenge is to make a pizza, where the Last Winning Team loses because of Topping Overload caused by a Time Traveler and Nerd. In the end it's down to the debuter and nerd, where the nerd quits, bidding the game farewell.

Episode 2Edit

The episode starts off with the penguins celebrating their victory, which continues until Zoey debuts in the chat. Zoey, awkwardly introduces herself. Piper and Dante start a conflict with each other, which Dante easily wins. The challenge is to make a giant pizza. The Penguins originally start with a Pepperoni and Cheese plan, supported by Charlie, Miles, and Don, but is quickly forgotten by the others. Zoey recommends a toppings bottle that is quickly rejected by Miles, knowing Chris, is that he would rig it so they would lose. Zoey says they should risk it, but the plan is rejected.

Alexis and The Doctor are in charge of the toppings, where they use a variety of toppings, which is then overloaded on the pizza by The Doctor, who claims he was following the plan. Meanwhile, the Dolphins try a Three Cheeses Pizza, suggested by Crystal. TG then adds bacon so they could have some toppings. To kiss up they arrange the toppings in Chris' face. As a side and drink they also add a smoothie and fries, as well as flower shaped rolls. They also use a hot tub bought in Target, which Chris thinks is the best store ever.

The Tigers start with Alex, a great chef, leading the team. Alex, randomly puts ribs, peanut-buttered beef, and many more things to make the most unique pizza, which is Alex's specialty. They also add a spider drink(New Zealand Coca Cola) and wedges, stuffed with cheese. Chris and "5th"(Josh) judge the pizzas. Tigers and Dolphins tie with 14/20. The Penguins lose, because of the overload of toppings, which while Josh loves with a 10/10, Chris hates with a 2/10, because of the pepper, mushrooms, and ham, which he hates. He also would say that a pepperoni and cheese pizza would have probably been the best, much to everyone's dismay.

Zoey, originally, accuses Miles of the toppings, until she is corrected, which irks Miles. Alexis also receives two votes, for her plan of toppings. It's down to Zoey and Alexis, in a tiebreaker, until Zoey's speech causes Alexis to quit because of their friendship. She bids the competition good bye, as The Doctor also says some things not remembered, maybe about the pizza, maybe about the TARDIS. The Penguins are then dismissed, so no one knows if Zoey or Alexis would have won with their speech.

Who Played Who?Edit