Sally - founder



Cyrus (until episode 10)

Laura (until episode 11)


Start of the allienceEdit

This alliance started in the episode of Zoey's debut. Sally came up with the idea and asked everyone what they thought to where Mike and Zoey both agreed. The team are all a group of friends also, so they've most likely got each others backs.

winning StreakEdit


In the Merge, they agreed to stay in an alliance and for the challenge, Cyrus tried to push off Mike and Zoey(before it was deleted XD), leaving Zoey thinking she was a traitor. When Zoey chose Cyrus to go home, poor Cyrus was unaware the reason why.

Zoeys PlanEdit

In episode 10, Zoey had a plan to eliminate Cyrus, because she thought she was a triator. After she won immunity with Mike, they got to pick who gets eliminated and she picked Cyrus. Leaving Mike, Sally, Laura and herslef left in the alliance.

Sally VS LauraEdit

In episode 11, the only people up for elimination were Sally and Laura, who where both in the alliance. The other four contestants had to vote either Sally or Laura out. They voted Laura out.