Nathan, the Strategist, was a competitor on Total Drama Neighborhood 4. Originally, a member of Team Excelsior, however, he switches to Team Mahatma in Escape from the City. He was made it to 12th place in the competition. He then returned in Total Drama Back to the Neighborhood and never said anything but got 4th place.  He was played by XrosHearts.




Noah and Nathan

Josh and Nathan


He was really that involved in during his introduction in What's Your Team Name. He was originally chosen as a member of Team Excelsior. However, later in the episode, he endes up switching teams with Alejandro to Team Mahatma. This decision ended up causing some conflict with him and the other Mahatma members. Many people thought Nathan wasn't to be trusted due to previously being on the other team. He was battled against Ezekiel, Alejandro, and Duncan in the key/door part of the Minigame Mania challenge. He ended up, along with Noah, winning the "Say I" challenge for his team in There's No I in Total Drama. However, his inactivity during the Camping Campers episode proved to be his downfall as that and his overall conflict with his team resulted in his elimination in said episode.