After two hosts spend a night playing Mario and Pac Man Party they decide to have minigame based chalenges for individual immunity. In the end: a homeschool, a nerd, a survivalist, and an athletic girl were given individual immunity and after the double elimination a crazed fan and musician are sent packing.

Episode 3Edit

Chris and Frank stayed up playing Mario and Pac Man Party and decide to have a Minigame Challenge, where they choose four people to do the challenge. In the first one, Ezekiel, Nathan, Alejandro, and Duncan had to find a key and go through a door that matches but there are only three keys and four doors and so on. In the end, Ezekiel wins the challenge. In the second challenge, thought up by S321, Josh, Noah, Sierra, and Trent had to slide down an avalanche mountain with butter. Sierra and Trent couldn't get on the butter, leaving Josh and Noah to do the challenge, where Noah slid off, and Josh finished. Then, the next two were votes. Since Harold and Samuel were left out of the four player minigames they had to vote for which they wanted to have Immunity where Harold won.

Next, Lily, Gramps, Sally, and Geoff had to be voted for. Geoff received one vote, Sally received four, winning herself immunity. This challenge turned out to be a double elimination. For the Excelsiors, they voted out Sierra, since as Zeke stated, "she couldn't handle the butter". For the Mahatmas, they voted out Trent, for being a threat. Trent and Sierra were kicked off.

Who Played WhoEdit

Chris TrentFan
Frank XrosHearts
Nathan XrosHearts
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Ezekiel Roy49
Sierra XrosHearts
Sally Henzzy
Samuel TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Gramps Youre2490
Lily Zoomer72
Trent Zoomer72
  • Geoff, Alejandro, Duncan, and Katelyn appear but don't speak.