NOTE: This is Fire Emblem's Etzel. I'm just using his picture because it sums up how Lionel looks.

Lionel, labeled The Skeptic Scientist, is a character on Total Drama: The Dark Neighborhood. He is played by TrentFan and is on the Shallow Sharks.


Lionel is a smart scientist who used a large vocabulary that is still understandable. He is very skeptic and doesn't talk much to his peers. He prefers to observe than converse and is quick to follow commands. He can often get caught up in details.


None as of yet.


In the first episode, "This Isn't Halloween, It's just Plain Spooky" he is the first to arrive to the Neighborhood. After that he blends in with the background until Cliff arrives. He attempts to get Cliff to be more outgoing but fails. Afterwards, he's assigned to the Sharks and observes them as Lara and Azuna fight. He comes to the campfire Lara planned out and was left fascinated. In the challenge he's paired up with Marshmallow but couldn't do anything due to Marshmallow being inactive.


-His picture is taken off of Etzel from Fire Emblem.

-Out of all of TF's characters, he has the least amount of dialogue in the series thus far.