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Leanne is a contestant in Total Drama Neighborhood Anew. She is 21 years old, and is a member of Vashyron's squad along with Zephyr. She joined the camp to win the money for supllies and weapons. She is a character from Resonance of Fate. She is played by DaRealLeon.


Leanne was experimemnted on alongside 20 other children. Ever child was a given a number, and each kid would die when they became of age of the number they were given. Leanne's number was 20. When Leanne became 19, she escaped the lab, and wanted her live her last year like a human being. When the time of her birthday was near, she decided that if she were to die, it would be on her own terms, and jumped off a cliff. Zephyr saved her in time, but the rope they were on snapped, and they somehow survived the long fall. When leanne came to, she noticed that she isnt dead, even though she is now 21. Leanne then became a member of vashyron's squad along with Zephyr. 


Leanne is sweet and nice, despite the harsh childhood she went through. Unlike Zephyr, she is nicer and a bit more talkative to those outside their squad. 

Character RelationshipsEdit

Zephyr: leanne's life was saved by Zephyr when she attempted suicide. She lives with him while working for the squad. Leanne is one of few people Zephyr is comfortable talking to openly, and they enjoy eachother's company. A recurring gag is when Leanne whacks him on the head when does or says something stupid. Leanne has gradually grown feelings for Zephyr.

Vashyron: leanne began working in Vashyron's squad after her attempt at suicide failed. The 2 appear to get along well. 

lara: Lara and Leanne made an alliance early in the season, but it was temporarily broken up after Lara was moved to another team.