La Cazadora is a famous luchadore and newcomer to TDTN. She is described as Leo's rival in their fighting careers, but its all actually show and they are secret close friends. The identity of herself is unknown, since she is always wearing her luchadore mask. She is played by Darealeon. Cazadora is actually Leo in disguise, since the real Cazadora was hit by a car shortly before the competition, making her unable to compete. The real Cazadora is in a hospital recovering.

Character RelationshipsEdit

leo: Rival and close friend, who even competed in disguise as her when she was injured.


  • She is the first of Darealleon's original character's to appear in the series
  • She is inspired by Tekken's Jaycee and Dead or Alive's la Mariposa, both are american luchadores.
  • Her stage name translates to "The Huntress"