Kyle, labeled The Nice Gentleman, is a contestant on Total Drama Neighborhood Anew on the Deer Team. He is played by TrentFan.


Kyle is the younger brother of a contestant in Dark Neighborhood, Lionel. Always overshadowed by his father and brother, Kyle began to lose self confidence and tried to fend for only himself when his father passed on. However with Lionel's help, he began to see the meaning of bonding and tried to find something he was good at that wasn't smarts. While he hasn't found it yet, he's satisfied with who he is.......a gentleman. Another thing which caused him to be an outcast was that he couldn't control an experimental malfunction that occured while he volunteered to help Lionel with an experiment. Super speed. He has great speed and can break through Sonic speed when angry, though he can control his speed more now. After Dark Neighborhood, Kyle was aware of his brother's disappearance with the evil orb who corrupted un-true hearts to evil. Kyle joined TDNA to secretly find clues to were his brother is, though he doesn't want anyone to know.


Lionel: Brother.

Georgia: Kyle teamed up with Georgia in the first challenge and saved her, saying he keeps his promise. They were paired against in the second challenge.

Zephyr: They are paired together in the second challenge, though Kyle takes a hint that Zephyr doesn't like him and disappears.


-Kyle's original name was Phil and he was also decently flirty. Jacques was also supposed to be his sidekick as a payback favor for saving his life. Those ideas were scraped for a backstory development and better name, though he might be a bit more flirty in the future.