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Jessica, labeled The Sports Chick, is a contestant in Total Drama Toxic Neighborhood. She was a member of the Sky Strikers and is now on the Aqua Dolphins. She is played by Phyneo.

Them ColorsEdit

She entered the season proclaiming that the season was hers. She is lated chosen by JJ to be on his team. During the challenge, she comes up with the name Sky Strikers. That team name is chosen by Brendan and Chris liked it enough to tie for first, sparing Jessica from elimination.

Everyone's a CriticEdit

During the reward lunch, She talked to Eddie if he had a crush on Radia? He declined and Jessica decided to drop the subject. During the challenge, she made a review on Minecraft. Chris didn't think much of it, only giving her a six. This would mark the start of their conflict. Her team is safe from elimination.

Pairs & PearsEdit

During the breakfast, she talks to Eddie about Radia and then welcomes Kobe to the team. She gets paired with Kobe during the challenge. She decides to take the forest route and Kobe agrees. They walk through the forest at a decent paste until a bear intercepts them. The bear pins her to the ground until Kobe frees her. She is impressed by his moves and together they finish the challenge. She waits in the mess hall for Chris to declare her and Kobe's prize. However, he tries to boss Kobe around and Jessica and Miles don't like it. Chris has a seizure and is replaced by Morgan Freeman, who tell them that their prize is tickets to the local amusement park. They head off, but little did they know that Chris laid a trap for them.

When they got to the park, it was revealed to be a love park. Chris orders them to go on a ride, so they go on a very slow rollercoaster. After a long time, the finishes after they agree to sue the park, they leave and head to Taco Bell.

The Dark Night of SuperfriendsEdit

Jessica and Kobe returned from the park at the start of the episode. After Morgan revealed the challenge, Jessica did not volunteer to question the Superfriends. Instead, she searched for clues. She found the Green Lantern's ring. Later, Jessica showed Kobe the clues she found and Kobe asks her who she thought captured Bruce. Jessica said Apache Chief, but her guess was wrong.

She then guessed Green Lantern because she found his ring, but was also wrong. However, because her guesses were close, Morgan let Jessica and her team be safe from elimination. She later eats waffles.

Animal CrossingEdit