Izzy was a competitor in TDN4 and TDN5 who was friends with Ezekiel and Sally. She was a debuter and placed 8th in TDN4. She was played by Zannabanna.

Total Drama Neighborhood 4Edit

In Clowning Around with Bears, Izzy debuted in this episode and freaked Noah, Ezekiel, and Samuel out. She overheard their alliance and instantly became a threat. Her and Zeke bonded over the challenge and became friends. She chose Zeke and Sally to go to Disneyland when they won the challenge.

In Talents for Hire!, Izzy didn't do much besides cartwheel when they got back and talk with Zeke. When her team won she was happy, but was sad to see Zeke go.

In Bubble Buddy, Voting Buddy, Elimination Buddy, Izzy was scared that Ezekiel was out and she had no allies and was worse when Chris said it was a vote off, where she went home, but accepted her fate.

In Isla de Karma, Izzy appears doing a cart-wheel. She picks a name out of Zeke's hat that said Josh, meaning she voted for Josh to be out.

In Finale of the Fittest, Izzy appears at the end where she congratulated Noah and then stole a few pieces of his cheese and cart-wheeled out.

Total Drama Neighborhood 5Edit

In Double Elimo, Izzy debuts and she votes out Pat during the elimination.

In Loyalty..., Izzy has a small role, and doesn't talk the whole episode. She was safe from elimination.

In Episode 6, Izzy appeared and revealed that she had Mr. Coconut in her pocket. She asked Chris is he could debut and he said yes.

In Episode 7, Izzy appears in the challenge and gets immunity during the elimination.


  • She debuts in all the seasons she competes in.
  • She adopted Mr. Coconut from Owen, since he is out of town.