The rich kid and the Wilderness Expert compete in saying why the team should win, with a Loyal friend and Nice Friend supporting them. In the end the rich kid wins and is swapped to the other team with a mysterious one. In the end, an athletic girl who placed 3rd last season is sent home.

Episode 2Edit

Chris holds a challenge where the team have to count on two members to win. Duke is the supporter of the debater, Josh against Beth being supporter of villains for Leo. Josh and Leo both list legit reasons, but Leo is chosen the winner. The villains win, but Leo is to be switched, who picks Pat to switch with. Leo, Duke, and Josh get individual immunity and the votes are for The Doctor and Sally.

In the end, The Doctor is safe, making Sally depart. Hoping the team wins next time, Duke feels confident about his team.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Leo Bakura13
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Beth Eros123
Ezekiel Roy49
Pat Roy49
The Doctor Scienceboy0
Lindsay Eros123
Eva Youre2490
  • Wysal, Nathan, David, and Sally appear but don't speak