This alliance was formed between Mike, Sally and Zoey, its an allience from people from the Ninja Turtles Alliance


Zoey - original (eliminated episode 13)

Mike - original

Sally - original

Angelina - started episode 14



The alliance started when Zoey felt Cyrus had betrayed the alliance and that Laura did nothing for the allience. Sally and MIke agreed with the alliance and Cyrus was vioted off. However they dicided to vote out Aaron and Flare before Laura.


Zoey and Mike had some difficulies becasue of the challenge in episode 11. Sally had to try help them and try keep the alliance together. She even kissed Flare to try get the Drama away from them.

Zoeys elimination and AngelinaEdit

Zoey was eliminated in episode 13, ending in the alliance, Flare then quit the game. Leaving Mike and Sally the only oringinals. Lili and OJ formed an alliance, so sally got Angelina to side with Mike and Herself to try eliminate the other two. But at elimaintio cerimony Angelina voted Sally out, leaving only Mike.