Ezekiel, the Homeschooled, was a contestant on Total Drama Neighborhood and Total Drama Neighborhood 4.
He was an assistant to Chris after his elimination in TDN, all the way until TDN4. He was played by Teamnoah123(1-3) and Roy49(4-5). He placed 14th in Season One and 9th in Season Four. He will return in Season 5 joining the Villains team.

Total Drama NeighborhoodEdit

In Trapdoor Game, Ezekiel didn't do much as he didn't compete.

In Team Song, Ezekiel was originally not eliminated but eliminated due to Chris threatened about being sued.

In Both Teams, Ezekiel was made the new chef. Then he questions about working, saying that making him work is child labor laws, or not and that he doesn't even know. He called Pizza Hut to give everyone food. Ezekiel then drove Harriet and Nate away to the Isle de Losers.

In Merging Bros, Zeke drove the losers away again and was mentioned about his elimination.

In Amazeing Experience, he gave Chris his coffee and played a role in the challenge. He guarded the finish line from the maze in which only Cody, Lily, Gavin, and Suzy managed to get to. When Cody tells Lily that Ezekiel is sleeping on the job he quickly objects, saying NO I'M NOT, so he won't get docked on pay. He also drives the loser away.

In Mergeday, Ezekiel was awarded Employee of the Month instead of an angry Shawn. He cried saying that it made his life worth living and attacked Shawn when Shawn tried to kill Chris. After the police come in, he recovers from Shawn's punch, where Cody explains what happens, which makes Ezekiel feel better.

In Falling Situation, Ezekiel was told to offer help to the contestants if they encounter any crocodiles. He also drove the eliminiated contestant, Gavin and Jake, home.

In David vs Oatmeal tiebreaker, Ezekiel walks in late to take the contestant home.

In Street's Day Vote, Ezekiel took Tyler and Oatmeal home on the Boat of Losers, and after they finished talking, he told them they arrived ten minutes ago.

In Isla de Finale, Ezekiel appears but with no lines.

Total Drama Neighborhood 2Edit

Didn't qualify, was a staff member.

Total Drama Neighborhood 3Edit

Didn't qualify, staff member, Employee of the Month

Total Drama Neighborhood 4Edit