The Remaining Contestants have to capture a Gorilla, that escaped from a city zoo. During this challenge two campers proved their skills. Lunch is also introduced as a reward. In the end, it comes down to a nerd and a survivalist, in which the nerd fails to stop the survivalist, which leads to elimination, sending the normal one home.

Episode TwoEdit

During this challenge the Excelsior get a good lunch of Soda Pop and Pizza, in which Zeke enjoys himself after staying in one round, where Samuel tells his team to let his teammate enjoy his moment. An alliance between a natural leader and two friends, commences, making the second alliance. Meanwhile Geoff and Sally complain about the food and want a victory. During the challenge, the teams chase after the gorilla. The gorilla is then threatened when it sees Noah and captures him and Alejandro. Harold, Samuel, and Josh chase the gorilla, followed by Lily and Trent. Josh knocks the gorilla out for a second and saves Noah, leaving Al, stating "Muttiners are the first to die". Samuel and Harold come and save Alejandro. Josh and Noah get the gorilla, and Samuel and Harold chase after it, but Samuel is left as he saves Alejandro.

Harold chases after the two and ties Josh up in his num-yos. Despite this Josh proves to come victorious. During this challenge, Josh proves his survivalist skills, while Samuel proves he is a good leader. At elimination ceremony it comes down to Ezekiel and Katelyn, but in a surpriser to the audience, it is Katelyn who is sent home.

Who Played WhoEdit

Chris TrentFan
Alejandro Youre2490
Gramps Youre2490
Sierra XrosHearts
Samuel TrentFan
Geoff Henzzy
Sally Henzzy
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Harold TrentFan
Gorilla TrentFan
Lily Zoomer72
Trent Zoomer72
  • Ezekiel, Duncan, Katelyn, Frank, and Nathan appear but have no lines.


  • Cody is referenced
  • Despite Sierra talking, Nathan didn't, even though they were both played by the same person.
  • Ezekiel only appears eating like a pig to celebrate.
  • Ezekiel was made LOW, since he is usually the first to go and for suspense.
  • Frank doesn't appear in this episode, despite, being a co-host.
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