Eros Dove

This is Eros with wings and just pretend he is wearing normal clothes

He is competing in Total Drama Toxic Neighbourhood with his older sister Aphrodite. He has powers relating to the greek god Eros (look to the right) that is what regular Eros looks like except he wears regular clothes and doesn't always have wings and just make him 13. His abilities include, being able to grow angel wings, His eyes change colour according to his mood, he has small traces of love magic and he is an excellent archer.He also has a fondness of strawberry shortcakes

Character RelationshipsEdit

  • Aphrodite Dove (sister)
  • Mum (hates him)
  • Dad (Hates him)
  • grandma (hates him)
  • grandpa (hates him)
  • every girl from his school (loves him)
  • too many relatives to list them all so basically everyone closely related to him (scared of him and hates him)
  • Eros (the god)
  • Aphrodite (the god)