The remaining contestants have to admit embarassing moments, where everyone who's asked does well, but one team wins an advantage after a so called "Doctor" scores the last point. The last challenge is to push off a hated intern(by Chris) to win, and the team with the advantage win and get to vote the other teams members out, where a dumb princess is sent home for being a threat.

Episode 3Edit

The episode starts off with Leo crying about a letter she recieved. Cody, asks what's wrong when Leo denies the letter being of an important value. Meanwhile Josh is sad that he lost for the team but is comforted by Duke, who tells him he did the best he could. Meanwhile Josh goes through some deep though when he remembers his reason of why he should win and starts sobbing until he sees Duke, who manages to comfort Josh, while Leo faints. Josh feels better and wakes Leo up.

Meanwhile, the villains have a small conversation about Leo leaving the team, wanting to seek revenge. The challenge starts with embarassing questions being asked. The first question is addressed to Leo which she admits to when she runs away from a letter. Followed by Ezekiel, Cody, Pat, and The Doctor. The heroes win and get a two minute head start on the challenge to push Martin off a cliff.

Duke, Cody, and The Doctor get to Martin(really Bev in a Martin costume) and Duke and The Doctor manage to push Martin off and win for their team, while Leo finally begins to run, confunsed. The heroes get to vote off the villains as a twist and vote off Lindsay for being a threat.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Martin Roy49
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Ezekiel Roy49
Pat Roy49
The Doctor Scienceboy0
Leo Bakura13
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Lindsay Eros123
  • Beth, Nathan, David, Wysal, and Eva appear but don't speak.
  • Bev is only heard screaming.


  • Leo is revealed to be female in this episode.