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Eliot is a debuting contestant in Total Drama: toxic Neighborhood. He debuted into the series as a replacement for Angel, who dissapeared after killing Unknown, leo replaced Unknown afterwards. Eliot was born in the UK, but then moved to China shortly after birth. In China he learned how to fight and cook meals (Chinese).Aware of is immaturity as a fighter, he went on a journey and ended up as TDn contestant. he is played by Bakura13

Character RelationshipsEdit

Duke-Good aquantince

Angel-Took her place as a contestant, but have never actually interacted yet

Leo-Saved her from attempted suicide and began dating afterwards

Brad-Traveling companion, much to his annoyance


  • Eliot is the first debuting contestant in TDTN (Although some may count leo and Eliot debuting together, Leo actually debuted a few moments later than him)
  • Eliot shares many similarities with leo in terms of appearnce and backgrounds. Both have long,blonde hair and have learned chinese fighting styles, despite no actually being chinese themselves (Eliot is British, wheares Leo is German)
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