Duncan, labeled the Deliquent, was a contestant in TDN4. He placed 11th Place and was one episode away from making it in the Purple Banditos. He was played by SinsMakesPeople.

What's Your Team Name?Edit

Duncan was one of the main contenders to the Pre-Chat. He talked about how great Katelyn was and proceeded to hit on her. He didn't help the team with the challenge, instead choosing to flirt with Katelyn.

Escape from the CityEdit

Duncan was really terrified by the gorilla and didn't do anything but was nervous when his team one, as all that Katelyn did was get hit on by him. When Katelyn went he felt sad.

Voting Votes for a VoteEdit

Duncan was the only contestant to not do his share to be in the merge, and as it was the last episode before the merge. However, Duncan was voted out. He didn't get any other episodes as he didn't participate in anything.