A trio of three form a small friendship after a chat. The host with the most decides to have a double elimination when two debuters debut. In the end the Fun-Lover and The Mysterious One are voted off for their own reasons.

Episode 4Edit

Duke, Josh, and Leo hang out by a tree having a small talk about Lindsay's Elimination. Leo talks about her past, while Josh hunts, and Duke feeling confident about winning next challenge. Leo's fear of letters stops after the last challenge, while Duke and Josh are grateful they didn't get asked an embarrassing question. Leo bets Josh can't kill a squirrel from far, while Duke thinks he can, and Duke wins the bet, winning two fish(which he laters gives to Leo).

The challenge is revealed to be a vote off for both teams. David is voted off for being inactive, while Pat is voted off for being a team switcher.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Leo Bakura13
Ezekiel Roy49
Pat Roy49
Izzy Zannabanna
The Doctor Scienceboy0
Nathan XrosHearts
  • Cassidy, David, Beth, Wysal, Eva, Bev, and Martin appear but don't speak.