Channel TDMC DIY
Vital statistics
Title Channel
Gender Female
Race African Canadian
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Competing in the final 17 of Total Drama: Back to the Neighborhood
Location N/A
Channel is currently a contestant on the seventh season and is a member of The Screaming Crabs. She is the neice of the notorious Chef Hatchet, so she is full of attitude and fury. She can usually control it though, and when you get to know the real Channel, she is caring and down to Earth. She has a secret desire to be a dancer, despite her uncle forcing cooking upon her. She is portrayed by TheSpontaneousTruth.


Total Drama: Back to the NeighborhoodEdit

Channel makes her debut in the final seventeen on the show, debuting about halfway through the season. She is placed on The Screaming Crabs, who she doesn't make a good impression on. She then appoilogizes, saying that she just wanted to be clear that nobody should mess with her just because she is new. Later in the confessional, after watching her team fight each other, she facepalms and says it will be a long competition.