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Bruce (now Brucetta), labeled The Batman/Batwoman Cosplayer, was a contestant in Total Drama Toxic Neighborhood, the winner of Total Drama Neighborhood Anew, and is currently a contestant in Total Drama Neighborhood Remix. He was a member of the Mishima Assassins/Orange Lobsters. He is played by Phyneo.


Them ColorsEdit

Bruce introduces himself as The Batman. He then goes on to quote random Batman lines and is picked by Drake to be on his team for being nice. He comes up with the team name Batman Brawlers. His nominated name is ignored in favor of Mishima Assassins. He and his team tie for the win (along with the Sky Strikers).

Everyones a CriticEdit

During the reward lunch, in which he eats and quotes Batman. He makes his first confessional where he discusses his uneasyness about the team name "assassin" and feels like their is a hidden evil. He dosen't compete in the challenge, but is safe from elimination.

Pairs & PearsEdit

At the start of the episode, Bruce guesses that the challenge was a guessing contest. He was epically off and didn't compete in the challenge. He watches from the mess hall with the others, frequently being annoyed by the fact that his team did nothing. He leaves the mess hall when he thinks that the others are scared of him. He returns to guess if the challenge winners (Jessica and Kobe) get an autograph from him. He is wrong and is surprised when Morgan Freeman replaces Chris as host. He mistakes Freeman as Mr. Fox and asks for his new suit. "Mr. Fox" gives him a tuxedo, which Bruce exclaims that it was better than what he thought. During the elimination ceremony, Bruce votes for My. He is safe as he recieved the second taco of the night.  

The Dark Knight of SuperfriendsEdit

Bruce was capture by Aquaman during the episode begining. Eventually, Gia found out that Aquaman was the kidnapper and Bruce returned to the competition... only to find that his team lost. He voted for JJ in the elimination ceremony as well as explain that he will get revenge against Aquaman!

Animal CrossingEdit

Bruce eats a muffin to increase his strength. He later asks Mr. Freeman what the challenge is. Bruce then helps his team win the challenge by helping send animals across the river. After winning the challenge, he searches for the missing Amy. He finds a note instructing him to go into the woods a midnight. At midnight, he meets up with Miles and Jessica. Together, they encounter Chris who informs Bruce where