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Brendan, labeled The Calculating Guy, was a contestant in Total Drama Toxic Neighborhood. He was on the Sky Strikers until the team swap in Episode 3. He was on the Purple Puppies and was on the Violet Seahorses. He is currently working with Chris and Aquaman. He is played by Phyneo. He is also confirmed to compete in Total Drama Neighborhood Fan vs. Favorites!

Them ColorsEdit

During this episode, Brendan makes his debut by noting Cazadora's excitedness. He is later pick by JJ to be on his team. Brendan replaced JJ as "captain" during the challenge as JJ was sleeping. He liked Jessica's team name nomination (Sky Strikers) but asked the team for any other suggestions. When he didn't get any, he went Sky Strikers. Chris liked the name and they tied for first with the Mishima Assassins.

During the reward lunch, Brendan notices Eddie talking about Nadia and asks him to think of the team first before thinking of throwing challenges to save his friend. Eddie gave him an answer, but Brendan still feels suspicous.

Everbody's a CriticEdit

During the challenge, Brendan gave a well thought out review of Kingdom Hearts. He (along with Eddie) scored perfect 10s for their team. However, they only recieved 26 points and barely escaped elimination.

Pairs & PearsEdit

Brendan is one of the contestants Chris chooses to switch teams. He is now on the Purple Puppies. When arriving to his new team alongside Radia, Gia immediatly puts a tie on him. Unlike Nadia, Brendan acts like this was a nice gesture. During the challenge, Brendan didn't get to partcipate and watched from the mess hall.

He noticed Chris's announcement to Kobe and thinks that there is fishy going on between those two. He was a little excited when they took second and went to cheer up Gia. He asked Chris for a medic after she fainted, but both of them were tossed into the mess hall.

The Dark Knight of SuperfriendsEdit