• TrentFan

    The New Generation

    February 26, 2013 by TrentFan

    Alright so NZ (TheHickman) and Roy (Roy49) have both left this wiki in inactivity sadly, so now we have double the work to do with only three left. We have made a new camp however, with new people who haven't been in the series before, so maybe we can get this wiki more active and make up for the two admins we lost by maybe gaining some? Let's hope guys. We gotta do this.

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  • TrentFan

    A fanfic was wanted by Bakura, so here it is:


    Cheesy - The Brownie Buddy Friend

    Duke - The Loyal Friend

    Miles - The Cool Guy

    OJ - The Nice Two-Sides

    Bart - The Un-Focused Slacker

    Leo - Bakura's Star of the Show

    Lili - The Rich Girl

    Hwo - The Blood Talon

    Sebastian - The Bulter with an Awesome Name

    Bridget - The Boy who purposely looks like a Girl

    Dante - The Nerd

    Steve - The British Boxer

    Josh - The Rough Jungle Boy

    Yoshimitsu - The Honorable Ninja Swordsman

    Swaggles - The Pokemon with Swag

    NZ Man123 - The Card-Player

    TrentFan - The Common Cameo Guy

    Bakura13 - The Gotye Fan/Dante Hater

    Cookie Monster - The Blue Cookie-Addict Monster


    The bus was full of stars from the Neighborhood series, along with some newbies. Lili kicked her butler, S…

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  • TrentFan

    Hey people of the wiki, I want to help a friend(I think) advertise their wiki. It's Pinkypie's Everything Pet Wiki, where she explains what you need to take care of that pet. It is really helpful if you have a pet. And so far it has Dogs and Hamsters, with more coming soon, possibly. So yeah, if you need help with pets go there :)

    Morgan Freeman: I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message *thumbs up*

    and stuff XD

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  • TheHickman

    My abscence

    July 15, 2012 by TheHickman

    I shall be absent due to school starting again for me today. This also applies to Eros.

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  • TrentFan

    Far Behind

    July 11, 2012 by TrentFan

    We're far behind on pages for TDN5 and Motel(because I feel disorganized if we finish Motel pages before TDN5 :p), so um, yeah. To the admins, if you could, help make new pages, I'll fix any errors. Sorry but I'm balancing the wikia, my cousin, and some other stuff, and yeah for like a week or two :p, don't worry. XD, Come on staff consisting of Henzzy, NZ, Bakura, and Me(not including Roy, who's gone missing.) we can get back on the right track or something.....I rock at speeches XD

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  • Henzzy

    3 left!

    June 17, 2012 by Henzzy

    Noah, Sally and Samuel are the final 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who will be crowned the winner?

    Honestly i think Samuel or Noah will, because Sally hasnt done much. please leave your thoughts in the comments! :D

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  • Eros123

    The kick game rules

    June 16, 2012 by Eros123

    THE kick game is a game were 1 or 2 admins ask you questions in a chat room and if u get it wrong then you get kicked but you can join the chat again but if you dont want to play just type XQZD

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  • TheHickman

    Peoplw. We need to make this wiki as epic as plausible. Thanks

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  • Eros123

    hi friends

    June 16, 2012 by Eros123

    Hey there people i have a friend list on my profile so fell free to add yourself any body can even if your not on this wiki :)

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  • Roy49

    We Can Make A Great Wikia

    June 16, 2012 by Roy49

    I know that this wikia is pretty minor and it focuses on just a minor series of camps on a wikia. In spite of this, I do believe we can make this wikia a great place for people to visit. For all the people interested in learning about the stories behind the Total Drama Neighborhoods without actually needing to read the camp papers. We can make this a great wikia and we could do this by:

    • Editing the poor sentences (finding the poor sentences by proof-reading)
    • Providing links for the linkless pages
    • Put categories in the pages that don't have it
    • Make nice relations to the new users

    Overall, I do believe that this wikia could be more than just stuff about an obscure camp on an obscure wikia. It could be something that people would return to... to h…

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  • Eros123


    June 14, 2012 by Eros123

    Hi i want to start a wiki but wondering if it costs any money or if it is really difficult it going to be gods of greek

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  • Eros123

    hi tnx for letting me join

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  • Eros123

    dont worry this was just a test to see how to work the blog post im not that confused

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  • TrentFan

    Happy Birthday Henzzy!

    June 12, 2012 by TrentFan

    Happy Birthday Henzzy, may you have a happy day! :)

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  • TheHickman

    This is how I thin the alliance betwee Sally, Geoff Noah and Josh was formed

    Josh: *walking in forest* Man I love it out here.

    Sally: *is running and practicing for challenges* Man I hate losing.

    • they bump into eachother*

    Josh: Ouch *fals over.

    Sally: Want some help up?

    Josh: I'm fine

    Noah: *reading and walking and ends up in forest* Where am I?

    Josh: Don;t worry come on.

    Sally: You guys want an allinace?

    Josh: Sure

    Noah: *trips and book goes flying*

    Geoff: *catches it*

    Josh: How about we all align.

    Everyone: Sure!!!!!!

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  • Henzzy


    June 10, 2012 by Henzzy

    Hi, im not sure if all thye contestant will make there own page, if you need any help im happy to help make there pages or right about there episodes. If you need any help just ask me! :D

    D :D :D
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  • TheHickman


    June 10, 2012 by TheHickman

    Thanks for making the wiki TrentFan

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