Amy Sorel is a character from the SoulCalibur series of video games. She is a vampire, who was turned (along with her adoptive father) after they were infected by an evil disease that spread France in 1590 AD. She is a newcomer in TDTN. Amy is described as an upper class girl with not much of a life, as she has been isolated in a castle o

Amy sorel by eonforgery-d3iqm9s

wned by her adoptive father since childhood. her age is unknown but she is about 10-14. She has very limited speech, and is rarely seen talking. She is played by Darealeon. 

She reappeared in TDN3 remake, some changes were made to her. While is she sort of quiet, she is now much more alkative then how she was in TDTN, speaking in complete sentences rather then  1-3 words with "...". She has also made more relationships with other charcaters other Bruce (an example is Leonardo)

Character RelationshipsEdit

Bruce: Thinks of her as a symbol of evil, and that she must watch ober her. Even though she isnt, she plays along with his theory and tortures him for her own amusement.

Ike: Acquantance

Gia: Comments on Amy's recent giggling

Axel: Has distrust in him when he questions Leonardo about Sothe, and even attacks him

Leonardo: Being a sub captain for Leonardo's team, the 2 are allies and friends.


  • With her age being unknown, she might be the youngest contestant in the series with the exception of TG, who is 7. Amy is described as being in between 10 and 14 years old. However, since she stopped aging from vampiristic malfestation in 1590 AD, she may be the oldest (but one of ther youngets if one counts her perpetual age)
  • Interestingly enough, Bruce thinks of her as a symbol of evil, and she is also the only 2 female characters in the SoulCalibur series listed as an antagonist. Unlike her fellow female antagonist Tira, she is only neutral, whereas Tira is a villian. This suggests that Bruce may be exxagerrating.