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Total Drama back to the neighbourhood

He seems interested and easily distracted and trys to make himself seem nice and sweet when really he is worse than Bob and he worships chaos and evil. In TDM he does not seem very evil or displays any magic ability *besides incredible strength* as soon as Dante wanted Alex as an angry wall of meat he immediatley jumped at the chance and tried to be as helpful as possible.


Alex returns in Total Drama back to the Neighbourhood with his older twin brother Bob they seem entireley different from Bob epi.1 Alex and Bob literally did nothing in this challenge *Because I had school*but he did join an aliance with Bob,Lili,hwoand Dante Epi.2 Alex and Bob basically carry their team to victory in this challenge making a pizza with seemingly random ingrediants but continue to make it and it turns into a five star gourmet pizza with a thin crust the others complimented Alex and Bob with their effort and apologize for not helping. epi.3 In this episode Alex and Bob did nothin again but Bob tends to lilis wound first by making a steady blood flow and then Alex and Bob start chanting but lili glows and grows much more powerful then Alex. Alex tried to stael the immense power but soon realised it wasn't magic and got beaten by Lili.

He likesEdit


His pet Bunny Blossom

being Dante's friend/angry wall of meat

Studying white magic

making friends


With dante and himself

Bob,Hwo,Lili,Dante and himself


Alex is shown to have incredible strength

Alex can heal people with ease

Alex is shown to talk to Blossom and understand her as well

He can use a variety of spells

He can summon powerful winds and sheilds


6 Magic charms of power with fire,lightning,life,luck,levitation/telekinisis,strength

Alexs wand


A magic book
Gwens spellbook

Alex's spell book


Dad (deceased

Mum (deceased)

Blossom (pet)

Thorn ( brothers pet)

Bob (older twin brother)

Favorite ChallengesEdit

Mini Hungergames:

This challenge is when Alex actually was useful by killing doctor with a slinky but he also accidently betrays dante by accidently voting off dante

Pizza Pizza:

This is the challenge were Bob and Alex pratically win the challenge by making a pizza that they make at home it is shown that Alex can fellet a squirlle and add many ingredients that seem random but actually turn the pizza into a 5 star thin crust low-carb gourmet pizza with the secret ingrediant squirlle breast